Area profile

Unquestionably a popular tourism destination, Volusia County, located in Coastal Central Florida, is known worldwide for the irresistible surf and sand of Daytona Beach and for the equally popular events surrounding Bikeweek and the Daytona 500 – the most prestigious and important race on the NASCAR calendar each year. The lesser known side of Volusia County is, if not world famous, at the very least surprising, diverse, compelling and is aligning to become the next exciting new success story on Florida’s Atlantic coast.

The more than 525,000 residents of the county live, for the most part, in one of Volusia’s 16 cities. The cities are amazingly rich in their diversity. Landscapes morph from miles of glitzy beach condos with palm lined streets into neat, manicured suburban middle American subdivisions, then to communities of breath-taking fly-in homes with attached hangers, and on to homey enclaves along St. John’s freshwater river, touching upon unchanged natural Florida, pristine and teeming with manatees, deer, turkeys and raccoons. Abundant with variety, Volusia County offers something for everyone as a place to vacation, to own a business, to work … a place to call home.