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Frequently asked questions

Please click the appropriate questions for more information or call our office at 386-248-8048 and ask for one of our business assistance specialists.

For other assistance

For the following types of business assistance, contact our offices to schedule an appointment at 386.248.8048: top line revenue growth • labor • facility and product development • capital and financing • supply chain, logistics or other business topics.

I need planning assistance.  Who can help?

  • The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) - at Daytona State College is a member of the Florida SBDC Network, a statewide service network that provides one-on-one business counseling. For information, e-mail or contact Darrell Hampsten, manager, SBDC, at 386.506.4723.
  • SCORE -  is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration. Comprised of retired business professionals, this resource brings seasoned assistance for all phases of business through a variety of workshops in this area. Learn more on
  • The Florida MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) - leverages a variety of public and private resources and services that are available to every manufacturing enterprise in the state. From strategic to tactical, and opportunity to solution, Florida MEP can assist with providing resources to help maximize profit.
  • GrowFL - focuses its efforts on initiatives that strengthen the service offerings of entrepreneurial support organizations throughout Florida and by delivering critical research and strategy support to help second-stage growth entrepreneurs prosper. For information, visit or contact Virgil Kimball, business specialist, Volusia County division of Economic Development at 386.248.8048 or by e-mail at

Where can I investigate funding possibilities?

  • Loan guarantees - In addition to the traditional financing options, consider Small Business Administration and USDA loan guarantees.  They facilitate financing by reducing the risk assumption made by the financing entity.  Your banker or accountant will be your first source of current information about these programs.
  • Export financing - including financing for the foreign buyer, is provided by the EX-IM Bank and the Small Business Administration. For more information, contact Virgil Kimball, business retention specialist, Volusia County division of Economic Development at 386.248.8048 or by e-mail at
  • Industrial Revenue Bond program - Administered by Volusia County’s Industrial Development Authority (IDA), the Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB) program provides an alternative tax-exempt financing vehicle for manufacturers and qualifying 501(C)3 non-profits planning capital investment projects in Volusia County. Download the flyer for information.

What options are there for me if my business needs additional equipment?

  • The Sales and Use Tax Exemption on machinery and equipment - is an incentive made available to new and expanding businesses that use such equipment at a fixed location to manufacture, process, compound, or produce tangible personal property for sale, or for exclusive use in spaceport activities (Section 212.08 (5) (b), Florida Statutes).  Categories of businesses include:
    • new manufacturers,
    • expanding manufacturers,
    • printing and publishing,
    • mining activities,
    • repair and labor charges, and
    • pollution control equipment.

Applications can be made for the exemption for up to three years retroactively. Contact Virgil Kimball, business specialist, Volusia County Division of Economic Development at 386.248.8048 or by e-mail at for current qualification criteria. Download Tax Advantages for Businesses Sales and Use Tax.

Where should I go for hiring and training assistance and funding?

  • CareerSource Flagler | Volusia offers personnel recruitment and hiring services, and training cost reimbursement programs.  You can place a job order, search the resume database, or perform a job match.  You can utilize their web site links to make informed workforce choices by staying current with local economic development issues, labor market information and state business laws. You can partner with CareerSource Flagler | Volusia to offset costs associated with training new employees and upgrading the skills of existing employees.  For information, visit
  • The Center for Business and Industry–at Daytona State College develops company-specific customized training programs.  Contact Frank Mercer at 386.506.4461, by e-mail at, or go to  Programs are subject to funding availability. 

I need to consider a different facility. Where do I start?

  • The Volusia County Division of Economic Development–provides business site selection assistance for properties throughout Volusia County. We invite you to use, the County’s site selection search engine, to view a comprehensive selection of business properties. You may view property availability and contact commercial realtors or property representatives directly, or, for assistance, contact Pedro Leon, business manager, Volusia County Division of Economic Development at 386.248.8048 or by e-mail at

How do I know I am marketing most effectively?  

  • The Small Business Development Center (SBDC)–at Daytona State College provides one-on-one counseling to businesses.  For further details e-mail or contact Darrell Hampsten, manager, SBDC, at 386.506.4723.
  • SCORE–has over 25 volunteer counselors working out of branch offices in Palm Coast and Daytona Beach.  Their counseling services and workshops are free. All discussions with clients and the information shared with them is totally confidential. For information visit
  • GrowFL–a program subsidized by the State of Florida,  provides a strategic analysis of how your company can grow including participation in a confidential Round Table comprised of CEOs of local companies.  The cost is subsidized by Volusia County.  For a list of qualification criteria and further details contact Virgil Kimball, business retention specialist, Volusia County Division of Economic Development at 386.248.8048 or by e-mail at  

Are there grants available for exporting?

  • The Division of Economic Development provides matching grants for up to $1,000 for the purchase of any International Gold Key package provided by the United States Department of Commerce through the U.S. Commercial Service.

The SBA is currently offering a $3,030 grant to qualified companies towards the cost of export marketing plan development. The cost to the company is $500.

To see if your company qualifies for Volusia County’s matching grant, schedule an exploratory meeting by contacting the Division of Economic Development, at 386-248-8048.

How do I sell my products and services to the government?

  • Individual counseling is available to you through, the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, which connect you to a procurement specialist. If you have questions, contact Virgil Kimball, business specialist, Volusia County Division of Economic Development at 386.248.8048 or by e-mail at

How can I get grants for product research and/or product development?

  • Partners in Applied Research/Matching Grant Program–The Florida High Tech Corridor Council provides matching grants to companies interested in pursuing innovative research for product or technology development. For additional information, contact Virgil Kimball, business retention specialist, Volusia County division of Economic Development at 386.248.8048 or by e-mail at  

How can I learn about women and minority owned businesses?

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) assistance–is a program to assist women and minority-owned businesses. To determine eligibility as a minority vendor and become certified as a vendor in the State of Florida, click here.

How can I register my business as a vendor for the county?

  • To register to do business as a vendor with Volusia County, click here.

What research grants are available?

  • Small Business Innovative Research Grant Assistance (SBIR)–provides matching funds to support the drafting of qualifying research grants to federal agencies. Visit
  • Small Business Technology Transfer Program (STTR)–expands funding opportunities in the federal innovation research and development arena. Visit
  • Matching Grants Research Program–The Florida High Tech Corridor Council (FHTCC) provides matching grants to companies interested in pursuing innovative research for product or technology development. To learn more, visit

Are there incentives for hiring more employees?

  • Performance Based Employment Incentives (PEI)–Based upon prescribed performance guidelines, Volusia County provides employment incentives to companies creating new to Volusia County jobs. Incentives, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per new worker, can be acquired for those companies qualifying within the County’s targeted industry sectors with wages in excess of 115 percent of the County’s average annual wage.  Contact Rob Ehrhardt, manager, Volusia County Division of Economic Development at 386.248.8048 or by e-mail at for more information. 

Volusia County’s manufacturing community:

To find manufacturers by specialty, the following reference section includes Volusia County manufacturers categorized by NAICS code. NAICS is an acronym for North American Industry Classification System. It was developed as the standard for use by federal statistical agencies classifying business establishments for the collection, analysis and publication of statistical data related to the business economy of the United States. For more information on NAICS coding, visit

Click here for detailed business information.

23731 Highway, street and bridge construction
  Halifax Paving Inc.
P&S Paving Inc.
23816 Roofing contractors
  R&R Industries Inc
31132 Chocolate and confectionery manufacturing
  Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory
31142 Fruit and vegetable canning, pickling and drying
  Ardmore Farms Division, Country Pure Foods Inc.
31151 Dairy product manufacturing
  T.G. Lee Dairy LLC
31181 Bread and bakery product manufacturing
  Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shop
31193 Flavoring syrup and concentrate manufacturing
  Golden 100, a division of Jogue Inc.
31199 All other food manufacturing
  Tropical Blossom Honey Company Inc.
31211 Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing
  Reddy Ice
31491 Textile bags and canvas mills
  True North Sails & Rigging LLC
31499 All other textile products
  A.V.O.T. Industries Inc.
Complete Parachute Solutions Inc.
DeBary Embroidery Studio
Hot Action Sportswear Inc.
Mirage Systems
Parachute Laboratories Inc.
Performance Designs Inc.
United Parachute Technologies LLC
31599 Apparel accessories and other apparel manufacturing
  Fabra USA Inc.
Merlin’s Suits
31699 Other leather and allied product manufacturing
  Chaps and Bags
Leon Leather Company Inc.
32191 Millwork
  All Pro Door and Trim Inc.
Allstar Building Materials LTD
Florida Door and Supply Inc.
Island Shutter Company Inc.
M&M Enterprises
32192 Wood container and pallet manufacturing
  The Pallet Exchange
32222 Paper bag and coated and treated paper manufacturing
  Label Associates
32229 Other converted paper product manufacturing
  Joe Cool Inc.
32311 Printing
  Associated Printing and Graphics
Browning Communications
Copy Cat Printing Centers Inc.
Couchman Printing Company
Cubco Screenprinting, Embroidery & Uniforms
Custom Graphic Designs
Digital Press Inc.
E.O. Painter Printing Company Inc.
Express Printing
Florida Graphic Printing Company Inc.
Independent Printing
K&S Printing Co Inc.
LMN Printing Company Inc.
Mid-Florida Sportswear Inc.
One Hour Printing
Pharmex, Division of TimeMed Labeling Systems Inc.
Proforma Corporate Images
Pro-Tech Printers Inc.
PS Printing and Marketing Inc.
South Daytona Instant Print
Speedway Press
Tip Top Printing Inc.
Universal Designs Inc.
VIP Printing
Wright Printery Inc.
32521 Resin and synthetic rubber manufacturing
  Rezolin LLC
32541 Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing
  Gambro Renal Products Inc.
Kool-Down Inc.
32551 Paint and coating manufacturing
  Color Wheel Paints and Coatings
Palm Paints and Wallpaper
32562 Toiletries preparation manufacturing
  Concentrated Aloe Corporation (CAC)
Energizer Personal Care, Ormond Beach
Product Quest Manufacturing Inc.
Tropical Seas Inc.
32599 All other chemical product and preparation manufacturing
  Adsil Inc.
32612 Plastics packaging film and sheet (including laminated) manufacturing
  KTE Plastics
Piedmont Plastics Inc.
32614 Polystyrene foam product manufacturing
  Imperial Foam and Insulation
Manufacturing Company
32619 Other plastics product manufacturing
  American Industrial Plastics
ConSol Bermuda Ltd.
K&M Plastic Products
Polymer Fabrication Inc.
Southern Plastic and Rubber Compan
Strasser Enterprises Inc.
Team Plastics Inc.
32711 Pottery, ceramics and plumbing fixture manufacturing
  Libby Ware Studios
32721 Glass and glass product manufacturing
  Hogan Glass Corporation
32731 Cement manufacturing
32732 Ready-mix concrete manufacturing
  Tarmac America Inc. - DeLand
32739 Other concrete product manufacturing
  Bailey-Sigler Inc.
CDR Systems Corp
Dixie Septic Tank Inc.
Hanson Pipe and Precast
Seminole Precast Manufacturing Inc.
32799 All other nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing
  Cardinale Marble Inc.
Eterna Urn Company Inc.
Letter Memorial Studio
33121 Iron and steel and tube manufacturing from purchased steel
  Custom Tube Products
33131 Alumina and aluminum production and processing
  Ideal Aluminum Products
Porta Products Corporation
33151 Sewer Equipment
  Sewer Equipment Company of Florida Inc.
33211 Forging and stamping
  FloMet LLC
Hudson Technologies
33231 Plate work and fabricated structural product manufacturing
  Advanced Welding Inc.
Aerotec Aluminum
Atlantic Central Enterprises Inc.
Central Modular Systems Inc.
Extreme Welding Works Inc.
Fabco Metal Products LP
Steelmaster Industries Inc.
Superior Sheds Inc.
33232 Ornamental and architectural metal products manufacturing
  Architectural Ornamental Metals Inc.
DeLand Metal Craft Company
Eddy Storm Protection Inc.
Independent Glass and Door Service Inc.
Modern Screen Products
S&B Metal Products
Weather Guard Inc.
33261 Spring and wire product manufacturing
  AAA Fence Company of Daytona Beach
33271 Machine shops
  Advanced Machining Inc.
AO Precision Manufacturing LLC
Custom Machine and Design
Daytona Tool and Die Company Inc.
Delta Machine and Tool Inc.
Falcon Industries Inc.
Fore Innovations LLC
Hall Machine Works
Hosack Engineering and Developing Organization Inc.
Insight Precision Tooling Inc.
Jenzano Inc.
Magga Products Company Inc.
Mark Gerard Machine Inc.
Ormond Machine
Prime Machining Inc.
Universal Packaging Machinery Corporation
33281 Coating, engraving, heat treating and allied activities
  Braddock Metallurgical Inc.-Daytona
Decorative Electro Coating
FBI Systems Inc., Specialty Coatings Division
Mil-Spec Metal Finishing Inc.
PJR Enterprises Inc.
Powder Coating by Coolrides
Powder Tek Innovations Inc.
33299 All other fabricated metal product manufacturing
  Almar Metals Inc.
Better Barricades Inc.
Kingspan Insulated Panels Inc.
Miller-Leaman Inc.
Southeast Fabricators
33329 Other industrial machinery manufacturing
  Creative Form Products
Daytona Systems LLC
MAT-VAC Technology Inc.
Sparton Electronics Florida Inc.
Viking Industries Inc.
33331 Commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing
  Aqua Pure Solutions LLC
M.C. Mieth Mfg. Inc.
Pure Solutions Inc.
Raydon Corporation
RealSims, LLC
33341 Ventilation, heating, air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturing
   AiReed Filter Products
33351 Metalworking machinery manufacturing
  Ameritech Die and Mold South Inc.
33361 Engine, turbine and power transmission equipment manufacturing
  Advanced Manufacturing and Power Systems Inc.
Alturdyne Power Systems Inc.
Speedmasters Inc.
33391 Pump and compressor manufacturing
   Complete Dewatering Pumps and Wellpoints Inc.
Delta P Carver
Lucas Technologies
QuantumFlo Inc.
Thompson Pump
33392 Material handling equipment manufacturing
Superior Handling Equipment LLC
33399 All other general purpose manufacturing
  AC Hydraulics Inc.
Bellows Tech LLC
Custom Filling and Packaging Systems LLC
Lean Engineering Inc.
Pall Corporation/DeLand
Rotomation Inc.
Standard Bellows Inc.
33429 Other communication equipment
  Speedcom Communications Inc.
33441 Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing
   Intellitec Products LLC
RAF Tabtronics LLC - Florida Operations
Teledyne, ODI Inc.
33451 Navigational, measuring, electromedical and control instruments manufacturing
  Allied Time USA Inc.
Alti-2 Inc.
CO2Meter Inc.
Custom Laboratory Equipment Inc.
Eltec Instruments Inc.
Power Plus Inc.
33512 Lighting fixture manufacturing
  Sunset Lamp and Shade
33531 Electrical equipment manufacturing
  Contec Electronics and Assembly Inc.
Entech Controls Corporation
KVAR Energy Savings Inc.
L&S Enterprises LLC
M&M Systems Inc.
Tel-Tron Technologies Corporation
33593 Wiring device manufacturing
  Thomas & Betts/Homac
33599 All other electrical equipment and component manufacturing
  Deltran Corporation
Gamma High Voltage Research Inc.
33621 Motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing
  AMP Trailers
Southeastern Truck Tops Inc.
33631 Motor vehicle engines and engine parts
  Microflex Inc.
33632 Motor vehicle electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing
  British American Auto Repair Inc.
Metra Electronics Corporation
33637 Motor vehicle metal stamping
  Florida Production Engineering Inc.
33639 Other motor vehicle parts manufacturing
  MMG Inc.
33641 Aerospace product and parts manufacturing
  Advanced Composite Solutions
Babfab Inc.
Laminar Flow Systems Inc.
Tara Technologies Corporation
33661 Ship and boat building
  Boston Whaler Inc.
Brunswick Commercial and Government Products Inc.
EdgeWater Powerboats
Everglades Boats by Dougherty
Mystic Powerboats Inc.
33699 Other transportation equipment manufacturing
  Crane Performance Products
Daytona Twin Tec LLC
Eurosport Daytona Inc.
FinishLine Racing School
Mooring Products International Inc.
Naarden Inc.
Ultimate Seats
33711 Wood kitchen cabinet and countertop manufacturing
  A Creative Touch
AdaLite Cabinet Manufacturers Inc.
Advanced Interior Concepts Inc.
Carter’s Cabinetry Inc.
Counter Solution Inc.
Creative Design
Lifetime Cabinets and Interiors Inc.
Masterpiece Cabinetry Inc.
New Kitchen Concepts Unlimited Inc.
Spruce Creek Cabinetry Inc.
33712 Household and institutional furniture manufacturing
  Mediatech Inc.
Miles Manufacturing Co.
Something Different Cabinets
The Cole Shoppe
33791 Mattress manufacturing
  B.A.B. Bedding Manufacturing
Fox Mattress
33792 Blind and shade manufacturing
  Florida Plantation Shutters
U.S. Blinds
33911 Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing
  American Ortho-Tech Labs
Avancen Inc.
Command Medical Products Inc.
Daytona Helmets
FHT Inc., a subsidiary of Baxa Corporation
Florida Manufacturing Corporation
Germfree Laboratories Inc.
Video Dental Concepts Inc.
W.R. Kershaw Inc.
33992 Sporting and athletic goods manufacturing
  CN Screening Inc.
Fusion Fitness Designs
Orion Surfboards
33993 Doll, toy and game manufacturing
  Bob’s Space Racers Inc.
33995 Sign manufacturing
  Al’s Sign Company Inc.
Ambo Design
Architectural Building Specialties
B&C Signs Inc.
Brochure Displays Inc.
Central Florida Street Signs Inc.
Daniel’s Wholesale Sign and Plastics Inc.
DeLand Sign and Design
Dolphin Signs
Don Bell Signs LLC
East Coast Signs and Awards Inc.
Federal Heath Sign Company
Gano Signs and Graphics
Kenco 2000 Inc.
Luma Brite Technologies LLC
Magic Brush
Morris Sign Company Inc.
MX Services
PJ Sign Systems Inc.
Sign Power
Southeastern Lighting Solutions
Speedi Sign
Speedway Custom Photo Lab
Towsend Signs Inc.
33999 All other miscellaneous manufacturing
  Shoreline Silks and Floral Supplies
Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare
The Ward Company
UCP of Central Florida
42312 Motor vehicles supplies and new parts merchant wholesalers
  Brothers Performance - East
42346 Ophthalmic goods wholesalers
  StyleMark Inc.
42369 Other electronic parts and equipment merchant wholesalers
  Sato Labeling Solutions of America Inc.
42449 Grocery and related product wholesalers
  Captain Foods Inc.
US Foods
44122 Motorcycle, boat and other motor vehicle dealers
  Carl’s Speed Shop
US-1 Marine Parts and Dyno Service Inc.
44211 Furniture stores
  Palm Casual Pipe Furniture
44419 Other building material dealers
  Overhead Door Company of Daytona Beach
44529 Other specialty food stores
  Moore Fine Foods Inc.
45399 Miscellaneous store retailers
  Daytona Trophy Inc.
51111 Newspaper publishers
  Daytona Pennysaver Inc.
Halifax Media Holdings
The Observer Newspaper
Volusia Pennysaver Corporation
West Volusia Beacon
West Volusia Pennysaver
51711 Wired telecommunications
  Deltacom Inc.
54121 Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services
54138 Testing laboratories
  Pace Analytical Services Inc.
54151 Computer programming services
  Merge Healthcare
56132 Temporary help services
  Daytona Employment
Vision HR Inc.
56149 Other business support services
  Sligo Systems
56161 Investigation services
  MacData Background Screening
56191 Packaging and Labeling Services
  Co-Packers of America Inc.
56292 Materials recovery facilities
  Makarios Scrap Metals
62151 Medical and diagnostic laboratories
  Accord Clinical Research
Avail Clinical Research
DaVita Laboratory Services
81131 Commercial/industry machinery and equipment repair and maintenance
  Electron Beam Solutions Inc.