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A World of Resources for Companies Seeking Global Markets

A World of Resources for Companies Seeking Global Markets

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A World of Resources for Companies Seeking Global Markets

When it comes to global trade, the devil is in the details. Fortunately, there are public and private resources to assist and advise your company on how to navigate the complexities of moving your product internationally. Assistance can be broad-based for the general market, specific to your industry, or specific to the particular country you are interested in importing to or exporting from.  
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Private resources include the thousands of distributors, export management companies, sales agents, trading companies and wholesalers who will assist with general market and logistical assistance. For markets that are more complex, trade associations and/or public sector entities can provide introductions to professionals you can commission to assist and advise you.  

Through the Volusia County Business Retention and Expansion program, economic development professionals can assist and connect local businesses with state and federal resources designed to facilitate global trade. Programs vary from development of a marketing plan to connecting businesses with internationally located trade offices. For example, programs offered by Enterprise Florida include:

  • The Export Marketing Plan Assistance Program is one of the most popular programs. Working with Florida’s Small Business Development Corporation and the U.S. Commercial Service, businesses receive guidance on developing a customized international marketing plan.
  • The International Product Registration Grant Program underwrites up to 50% of the registration fees required, up to $10,000, to register products in the country to which a U.S. company would like to market products. alt text
  • The Target Sector Trade Show Grant Program is the most widely accessed support program. Through this program, qualifying companies receive 75% of the cost of trade show participation subsidized as well as up to 100% of the cost of the company’s booth. This program is often combined with the Gold Key Match Maker Grant Program, which offers up to 100% of the cost of setting up pre-scheduled appointments with qualified prospects at the events.
  • Another highly valuable service is the Global-Website Localization Grant Program. This program can fund up to $8,000 of the cost to “localize” the website of a U.S. company to the language, culture and technology of another country.

These are just of few of the many programs available to local businesses. For more information on these and other resources, contact Volusia County Economic Development at 386-248-8048 or email

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