RED CROSS OFFERS MOBILE APP– A mobile app, offered through the American Red Cross called Emergency: Alerts, combines severe weather and emergency alerts providing real-time, customizable information. It provides disaster updates and includes step by step directions on how to make a family emergency plan. The app allows you to monitor the people and places you care about with real- time local alerts for severe weather and hazards, including earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flood, tsunamis, thunderstorms, extreme heat, wildfire and many more. For further information, go to and click on the Emergency! disaster app.

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Rob Ehrhardt
Economic Development Director

Sally Sprague
Executive Assistant

Brad Harris
Business Manager

Pedro Leon
Business Manager

Virgil Kimball
Business Specialist

Robbin Sebra
Staff Assistant

Offices located in the Daytona Beach International Airport (passenger terminal)
700 Catalina Drive, Suite 200
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
386-248-8048 · 800-554-3801