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Intellitec Accesses Global Markets with Strategic Partners

Intellitec Accesses Global Markets with Strategic Partners

Recreation vehicles

Intellitec Accesses Global Markets with Strategic Partners

Intellitec Products designs and manufactures electrical controls and monitoring systems for recreational vehicle, ambulance, truck, bus, specialty vehicle and marine markets. And they’ve been providing vehicle and vessel manufacturers, integrators and owners with these reliable power management solutions for over 40 years.

The company was formed in 1976. Formerly owned by Brunswick, a General Dynamics company, Intellitec Products was acquired by NSI Group of Michigan in 2004. It occupies a 34,000-square-foot facility in DeLand, Florida, that houses its manufacturing operations and global headquarters. In addition to being Apple and Android Registered Developers and an Apple MFi Certified Manufacturer, the company is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. The company employs 30 people.

Products deal with battery management, motor and lighting controls, and multiplexing systems. The company also offers contract manufacturing, a business segment that is growing rapidly, particularly on contracts of low- to mid-volume where some engineering support is required. Its contract manufacturing services include printed circuit boards, electrical harnesses, control boxes and more. Intellitec Products – and its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers – sell these and other products both internationally and domestically. 

While the company’s domestic sales represent approximately 80 to 85% of its volume, it also serves clients in Western Europe, Central South America, Asia and the Middle East. It has a UK partner, a systems integrator that incorporates Intellitec products into systems for its own customers.  Battery Guard 1000 smart battery disconnect with CANbus communications, which senses low voltage, warns and disconnects to prevent damaging the battery.

How is the company building its international business? They start by networking with targeted customers, current partners and suppliers of complementary products. They also look for manufacturers of complementary products who will enter reciprocal partnerships where both companies will market and support each other’s products and services. Other means include advertising in trade magazines, expanding its websites and participating in trade shows that have international participation. All of these generate domestic and international leads. Because Intellitec has built a strong market presence in the specialty vehicle market, potential international partners often reach out to them. 

The company sees international growth potential in developing partners with strong application knowledge and technical capabilities. Its long-time partner inThe Flex module is designed for the UK, Middle East and Australia.  the UK is a model for this. It adds both an engineering group and field technical support to Intellitec’s international presence, and it brings assembly and system integration capabilities. 

“It’s a good partnership – in fact, our strategic plan calls for adding systems integrators in other parts of the world who will find applications for our products,” said Ned Schiff, a partner in the company. “When we identify just the right partners, we can better serve global markets for specialty vehicles including busses, ambulances, pet grooming vehicles, mobile offices, bloodmobiles, etc.” 

Getting its products to markets across the nation and around the world is not as challenging as it is for companies whose products are large. Still, there are challenges with rules and restrictions that vary from one country to the next. Intellitec relies heavily on its international partners to determine what the customer, regulatory and shipping needs are. Third party approval and qualification differ significantly among countries and industries. The partner takes the lead with Intellitec providing technical support from its DeLand HQ. Intellitec electronic manufacturing area.

The fact that Intellitec is located in DeLand is an evolutionary tale. Originally purchased by Brunswick about 20 years ago, Brunswick moved manufacturing facilities to DeLand and kept engineering, management, marketing and sales in Illinois. When the company’s current ownership purchased Intellitec in 2003, operations were consolidated and eventually relocated to DeLand.    

Company officials are very pleased to be in Florida, and are especially pleased to be in DeLand. They appreciate Florida’s pro-business posture and its cost-competitive environment for manufacturing. They also are pleased with technical talent in the region. The company’s proximity to the University of Central Florida (UCF) is convenient, and the university is a good source of interns. In fact, the company’s Engineering Manager, Austin Ciambriello is a UCF Computer Engineering graduate who started as an intern and worked his way up to become engineering manager. Intellitec Products occupies a 34,000-square-foot facility in DeLand, site of its global headquarters and manufacturing operations.

“The talent pool has improved significantly over the years, thanks to our schools, colleges and universities, including Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, UCF and Daytona State College,” Schiff said. “We also appreciate our close proximity to the Space Coast. When looking for software developers, it’s great to have qualified candidates in the region.”

All this contributes to the company’s high sales volume. Its first quarter volume was double projected volume, and indications support strong projections for the rest of the year. The company plans to confer with local, state and federal support organizations as it continues to grow. It has also sharpened its focus on marketing with an integrated plan incorporating social media, blogs, LinkedIn and other platforms. alt text  

Schiff is bullish on the future, especially with the rapid evolution of technology, which is the company’s marketing theme. “We celebrate technology as we continue to design, develop and manufacture engineered solutions to
meet the current and future needs of global industry leaders. Our products are proudly made in the United States and available to customers worldwide.”

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