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Shifting Focus to Employee Recruitment, Retention & Expansion

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Shifting Focus to Employee Recruitment, Retention & Expansion

Helga van Eckert, Director
Volusia County Economic Development

Did you know that Volusia County’s workforce (in pure numbers) is the largest it has ever been? Yet our most recent Volusia County business survey continues to overwhelmingly list workforce as a top issue. We are not alone in this struggle. The labor shortage, or “Great Resignation,” is a national concern. An alarming 4.4 million U.S. workers quit their jobs back in September alone! 

Explanations are diverse:

• Convenience-driven remote work: Employees can work for a company in Beijing from their New Smyrna Beach living room.

• Technical advancement opportunities: Medical procedures and appointments are being performed remotely over the Internet or through robot assistance.

• COVID concerns: Many individuals are retiring earlier than planned.

• Financial concerns: Employees are looking for higher paying positions.

• Greener pasture syndrome: While the Census shows us that 60,560 employees commute into Volusia County, a much larger number, 108,338, migrate out for employment.

The bottom line is that staffing today is more competitive and challenging than it has ever been. In this issue of the Quarterly, we discuss symptoms of the labor shortage and some of the creative ways that successful Volusia County businesses are responding. Whether it falls under employee recruitment, retention or expansion, our businesses share their strategies and successes. I hope you find this issue informative.

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