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Let us provide some guidance and then help you connect the valuable resources. Our community-wide, pro-business approach offers information and timely access to programs and institutions that can help address critical financial demands when they arise.

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Business Pro Forma

Small business owners may need pro forma financial statements to quantify the impact of potential business decisions, such as taking out a loan. Pro forma financial statements include projected balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements that lenders and potential investors often require. Pro forma statements can also give you and your team a consensus outlook to consider before signing on the dotted line.

Workforce Training Funding

Many of the workforce development and recruiting programs offered local include cost reimbursement or cost sharing features. 

Business Lending

Development and Investment Funding

  • Equity investors
  • Pitch competitions
  • Research grants
  • Crowd funding

Contact us to help guide you to funding resources and partners.

Business Growth Incentives

Thriving businesses are at the heart of healthy communities. So encouraging and supporting business creation and growth just makes sense. One way to foster business growth is through targeted, performance-based investments in job-creating companies.  

There are several incentive programs offered by state, county and municipal agencies. Learn more about available incentive programs.

Business Taxes

Though Florida has no personal income tax, businesses do have several areas of tax liability that each must navigate. For business startups and those new to the State of Florida there’s a New Business Startup Kit available to help. For established business that are looking at specific taxes there are several resources available to help your team or your accounting partner.

Taxes to Not Expect

  • No corporate income tax on limited partnerships
  • No corporate income tax on subchapter S corporations
  • No state personal income tax, guaranteed by Florida’s constitution
  • No corporate franchise tax on capital stock
  • No state level property tax assessed
  • No property tax on business inventories
  • No property tax on goods-in-transit for 180 days
  • No sales and use tax on goods produced in Florida for export
  • No sales tax on purchases of raw materials incorporated in a final product for sale
  • No sales and use tax on co-generation of electricity

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