New Funding Readiness Center Available for Volusia County Businesses

Volusia County Economic Development

May 29, 2024

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Volusia County's Division of Economic Development has introduced a new feature on the Volusia Business Resources (VBR) website called the Funding Readiness Center (FRC). This tool is designed to assist local entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking funding.

The FRC was created in response to the current funding needs of the business community and was developed through collaboration with affiliated partners of the VBR and local commercial lenders. It aims to simplify the often-complex process of navigating commercial funding options and loan approval procedures, providing an accessible online tool for individuals without extensive financial backgrounds.

A key component of the FRC is the Readiness Checkup, a self-evaluation tool that allows users to assess their preparedness for the funding application process. Before applying for funding, it highlights areas needing improvement and offers video tips to enhance readiness. Additionally, the FRC helps users identify the most suitable funding options.

“The launch of the Funding Readiness Center aims to improve the funding outcomes of local startups and small businesses,” said Volusia County Economic Development Director Lou Paris. “By using the FRC, users will be better equipped to engage lending institutions and navigate loan-seeking processes.”

The FRC is available at For more information, contact Economic Development Business Manager Brad Harris at 386-248-8048 or

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