VBR Monthly Pulse Survey Series - March Pulse Question & February Results

Volusia County Economic Development

March 21, 2024

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Volusia Business Resources (VBR) strives to connect businesses to the resources they need to thrive. To gauge ways to develop or enhance existing programs for the business community, VBR Affiliated Partners would like businesses to take one minute to answer two quick questions.

VBR Pulse Question March 2024

  1. How would you rate your understanding of the process for obtaining business financing?
  1. Are you more likely to pursue financing opportunities for your business if provided with financial literacy and credit readiness tools?

Answer this month’s VBR pulse question here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Pulse0324


Results of the February VBR Pulse Question

Question #1 was: "What is your economic outlook for your business in 2024?" Here are the results:

What is your economic outlook for your business in 2024? Increased profitability, 52%. About the same as 2023, 43%. Decreased profitability, 4%.

Question #2 was: "What determining factor will most impact that outcome?" Here are the results:

What determining factor will most impact that outcome? Sales & Marketing Strategy, 48%. Other, 13%. Overall inflation, 13%. Property Insurance Costs, 9%. Employee Salary/Wages, 9%. Logistics/Supply Costs, 4%. Commercial Rent, 4%.

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