Volusia Business Resources Week - Meet the Pros Day 2

VBR Week day 2 featured City economic development professionals on how they help with recruitment and business expansion.

Volusia Business Resources Week - Meet the Pros Day 1

VBR Week day 1 featured county and city economic development pros providing presentations on how they help with recruitment and expansion of businesses.

Quarterly "Q" Breakfast Meeting - FL Deputy Secretary of Commerce

Featuring guest speaker Laura DiBella, FL Deputy Secretary of Commerce, President/CEO Enterprise Florida

Quarterly "Q" Breakfast Meeting - GrowFL

Featuring guest speaker Jennifer Taylor, President & CEO of GrowFL

Sparton Water Quality Infrastructure Grant

Sparton’s overhaul of its onsite wastewater disposal system to a more environmentally-friendly treatment plant was cause for celebration.

Volusia County Business Incubator 10th Anniversary

The Volusia County Business Incubator program is operated by the University of Central Florida and serves a wide variety of early-stage businesses.

Quarterly "Q" Breakfast Meeting - Tourism Panel

Featuring a panel discussion with Volusia County Tourism Directors - Marketing Tourism during a Pandemic.

Quarterly "Q" Breakfast Meeting - Space Florida

Guest speaker Howard Haug, Space Florida Executive President discusses how the region is poised for continued success in expanding and attracting aerospace companies to Volusia County as Florida leads in space research, exploration and beyond.

Paycheck Protection Program

A webinar focused on how to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program

Employee Mental Wellness

Hear from a panel of experts on the important topic of employee mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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